The Teacher is the corner stone of the arch of Education. With their insightful knowledge they build enlighted citizens for the nation. Nowadays a teacher is responsible for the all round development of the student so that he or she can fits into the continuously changing society structure well. So they have the roles of friend, philosopher, and guide for the young blossoms.

In present educational scenario, today’s demand of the educational sector is not a qualified teacher but a professionally trained qualified skilled teacher who can really groom the students in all aspects of life. That’s why taking teacher training is now-a-days a must. With keeping this view in mind, Bishnupur Public Education Society  founded Bishnupur Public Primary Teachers’ Training Institute  to quench the thirst of skilled teachers in the educational arena.

Being the Principal of this esteemed institution, I personally welcome you all on joining this prestigious institution.


Wish you all the best !