Ø   Create quality teachers for the elementary and secondary school as per the norms of RTE-2009 and NCF-2005 & 2009

Ø  Spread over the education to the rural people in the Bankura District and other District.

Ø   Inculcation of reflective teacher education to prepare the reflective teacher.

  •   To prepare students for successful practice in the drivers filed of education such as elementary quality teachers, in the field of social expectations.
  •   To prepare the students for advanced studies in elementary and secondary education and its allied fields.
  •   To ensure the students are recognized for excellence and leadership and selected for Academic, Government and professional position.
  •   To develop students skills and awareness to become socially ethically and morally responsible individual in all the challenges the takeover in our communities and in the fields of elementary and secondary education.   
  •   To provide best and updated   pedagogical inputs to the student teachers for the using of ICT in present education system.
  •  To develop of moral and spiritual values among the student teachers to spread education among the rural people.
  •   To crate leadership quality among the students teachers to impart education according to the need of the society.